Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boats in Fog

Here is another pitiful attempt at photography. Difficult shooting in fog. My wife did not help me.


  1. Oh, I really like that photo! The water looks so calm...like glass! You did great! I need to learn some photography skills!

  2. Like I said.. I like boats... even in the fog... I'm no photographer but I know what I like... I think you did fine photographing these boats... and thanks for giving your wife's addy... I now have her on my blogroll too!

  3. Lavender Dreamer: Just get a camera and take some shots. You can do great with a point a shoot. My wife gave me one of her fancy Nikons when she got a new one.

    I can do pretty well with a point and shoot, but I am trying to learn how to use this big gizmo on manual, so some photos won't look so good. But I am getting in some practice, and sharing my mistakes.

    Ancient One: Thanks. My wife says everyone is a photographer. They just need to know some basics. That is ture will a point and shoot. Two things she taught me about shooting people:

    Indoors: Make sure people are at least 3 feet away from the wall when shooting them.

    Outdoors: Frame the photo so the person does not look like they are in the enxt county. Bring them up close and frame them so you can see the important things in the backkgrounds.