Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Little Cats

Here is another picture of Skipper who has claimed me as his human servant. I took it in our studio while taking a break from painting. I think it is a little more in focus than my last attempt.


Below are 2 photographs that my wife took of our Siamese, Czarina(I figured I needed at least a few good photos on my site). We found her in the yard last year starving; she was skin and bones. We took her to the vet and found out that she had round worms, and an upper and lower respiratory infection. While on medication she went into heat and we had laser surgery done on her because she was so weak. Now she rules the roost.

Being a seafood lover, I had just put a bunch of empty clam shells and we saw one of our other cats spying her through the window. Had it not been for clam shells she may not have stopped by our house. Little does she know that clam shells saved her life!
We have a little fireplace heater in the kitchen; she likes to meditate here.

I was resting my back in the studio with Czarina curled up beside me and Skipper sleeping on the pillow, with cat chow plums dancing through their heads, when all of a sudden I heard the click of a shutter as Czarina gave a big yawn.

And to all a good night.


  1. We love cats, too! You have beautiful cats....but they are so tired! heehee!

  2. They are lazy buggers.

    When we got Czarina she was really afraid of me. Some man must have abused her. I mean, who would dump a cat like that? She also has a chipped front tooth, so we expect that she was kicked.

    Now, she is my shadow as you can see. When it is feeding time she seems to enjoy my feeding her, and if I am not quick enough she will jump up on the counter and sink those fangs into my arm - her revnege on men, I guess.