Monday, May 11, 2009

Buy Boat "The Delvin K."

Much to my surprise last week, there was another Buy boat anchored at the Crisfield County dock. I could not resist to get a shot of her before she steamed out into the Tangier Sound and off into the sunset.


  1. What an amazing photo! Are you going to paint this scene? It could be a series featuring these boats! I love them! Wish I could see one in person!

  2. Hi Diane, it is always a pleasure hearing from you. Thank you for appreciating one of the last working vessels on the Chesapeake. I will need to do some research on these beautiful boats, but from what I have heard from the local waterman, there are less than 12 still operating. Like the Skipjack and the Buyboats, an era long gone and will not return. I did paint the Captain Woods Buy Boat, and is currently hanging in an art gallery. The next time I get by there I will take a photo of it and post it.