Saturday, May 30, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

Last night brought rain, lightning, wind and thunder. This photo was the bright spot before it got nasty in Crisfield.


  1. I love clouds...I am always taking photos of them! lol

  2. I first saw my buddy cat Skipper running and trying to find a place to hide, which meant to me that a storm was a brewing. I stepped out onto the back porch and looked to the west towards town and saw this cloud coming. It put out such a bright light and was irresistible, so I got my camera and gave it a shot.
    Sure enough, about an hour later wind, rain, lighting and thunder came down with a vengeance. My wife and I turned off the computer and any electrical components and hunkered down. We survived without any casualties. Skipper, my cat, he emerged about an hour later, shaken but unharmed. I am pondering to give him a merit badge (Pit'r Pats)for bravery, and being the Forward Observer who gave us the first warning of a bad storm.
    Kudos to my little buddy!