Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Painting of The Captain Woods Buy Boat

Here she is in her glory. In the day of old when the Buy Boats were plentiful along with the Skip Jacks, their presence meant long days on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Work boats would come along side of these wonderful vessels to off load their bountiful catch of the day, then go back to harvesting again.

Like the Skip Jacks, the Buy Boat can be found in just a few places with numbers less than a dozen. Seeing one is a treat to be remembered for a life time.


  1. What a wonderful painting, Larry! I've enjoyed seeing your photos and learning something about these beautiful boats. I'm so glad you have this to share with us. You are very talented! I love your art!

  2. Hey Larry! Thanks for the compliment on my furniture! Not sure how some would react when they saw it...LOL!
    Love the story behind your painting...it sounds like it was a treat to see TWO of them recently. Very nice!

  3. Thank you Lavender Dreamer and Kendra. The painting was fun and will continue to keep my eye out for another one of these rare vessels.

  4. Great painting Larry! I've never heard of a Buy Boat before. Thanks for sharing this information along with your wonderful talent!

  5. Catherine, thank you.
    This vessel, along with the Skip Jack, are a dying breed on the Chesapeake. It is a treat to see either one of them.

  6. Hi Larry, it,s cottonreel here, thanks for stopping by my blog ,nice to meet up with you again. The paintings are good and very interesting. If I look long enough I feel I am part of them . Here in England it is still monday, 6.30 pm teatime

  7. Cottonreel,
    Thank you for the pleasant comments. I agree with you that this time of evening, a sprig of my favorite, Earl Grey Tea, would be nice. The air has a chill and is damp. A perfect time for tea.

    The paintings I am working on now are from the immediate area where I live. Close to the Chesapeake Bay, and numerous villages along the waters edge. Fun stuff, and endless possibilities.